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published articles/tutorials etc.:  
I am the author of about 80 tutorials/articles (& teaching materials for Photoshop workshops)
written/prepared within 2003-2010 for several on-line/off-line magazines, portals, forums etc.

Some tutorials (& described techniques) published before 2008 are already out-of-date,
and therefore those are not listed here; here you can find only the links to the latest/recent ones,
or to those describing general techniques.
Most of them are written in Czech, some are English.
(Since I do not have right to re-publish all my articles, some articles are not complete.)

(Downloading tutorials from other sites - e.g. conceptart.org etc. - may take some time,
thanks for your patience ..

published articles, tutorials, making-ofs etc. (some of):
.. Introduction to Painter X /Pixel Mag (CZ/demo at Behance) >>

.. Medical Illustration /Pixel Mag. (CZ/Behance demo) >>
.. Brush Experiments (CZ, Engl./Behance, incl. a few screen-captured demo movies) >>
.. Painter tutorial: Blending basics (Engl./at ConceptArt.org) >>
.. Photoshop tutorial: Watercolor, incl. brushes (Engl./at ConceptArt.org) >>
.. Photoshop CS3: Merge to HDR - part 2 (CZ/pdf) >>
.. Photoshop tutorial: Smudge Tool (grafika.cz/CZ) >>
.. Photoshop tutorial: Hair painting (grafika.cz/CZ) >>
.. PIXEL Mag articles - index of 38 articles (2004 - 2010) /CZ >>
.. DIGIArena: Photoshop CS3 training series - 12 episodes/ full articles (CZ) >>